50-50 box snowboarding
Instructor Life

SBINZ Level 1

Getting an instructor level 1 is a good idea, even if you don’t want to pursue a career in snowsports. It’s a good way to get better at snowboarding. Even starting a new career. […]

Socks for Snowboard instructors


Socks are important if you want to become the best snowboarder on the mountain. A happy foot, is a foot you’re generally not aware of. This means you don’t want them to get cold or hurt. Buy good socks, your feet will love you for it. […]

Hiking and Cultural

Dangers of the Outdoors

In this post I will point out some of the biggest dangers you can face in the wild. Most of these hazards are manageable though, if you know what to do. It’s important to be well informed as to prevent certain death by stupidity. […]