Accepting the true nature of things

I traveled for a long time without a computer but last winter I just had to buy one. Training for my snowboard instructor certification in Japan, I suddenly found myself out of internet. I did not own a smartphone. Smartphones are a conspiracy to turn us into mindless Looty Dungeon playing zombies. I still believe that, but I have now found a way to outsmart the system by doing useful stuff with my phone.

I went to the local electronics store and bought a laptop there, complete with Japanese keyboard. It was pretty easy to switch over languages once I started working with the laptop. My menu has switched over from Japanese to Dutch. But every once and a while when my laptop goes through its monthly update routine, everything resets into Japanese.

As for now, tired of battling my computer’s true nature, I have decided to accept her as she is. Hence I now offer her green tea, miso soup before dinner and say “arigatou gozaimasu”.

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Hi, my name is Jo. I am a Snowboard Instructor based in New Zealand. For the past 6 years I have been traveling the globe searching for snow. Last winter, while I was instructing in South Korea, I was inspired to create this blog:
The main goal for this blog is to inspire women to get down with their bad self. To be tougher, sexier and ready to kick some butt. Because the world needs more wild women.

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