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Winter is creeping up in the north and as I am heading to Seoul in two weeks from now, I can feel it tickling my toes. We’re still getting barbecued here in New Zealand with soft and breezy spring days.

My boardbag is halfway packed with lots of new snowboard gear, so I am super stoked.

Past weeks I have been downloading snowboard movies since it is important to know what is going on back there in the mountains. Here are some of my favorite snowboard movies that have inspired me to keep pushing my limits and will give you an insight into mountain culture.

Some of them are on Youtube, I have listed a link with them. Find the other movies on Itunes.

Canadian Avalanche Rescue Cat Association

If you think dogs are the only ones that can rescue people buried after an avalanche, think again. Fernie snow resort in BC, Canada has revolutionized the way snow patrol does rescues by training cats to sniff out people trapped under snow.

The program has become so popular, several other snow resorts have started training felines of their own. There hasn’t been any official report whether avalanche cats are more effective than dogs but at least they don’t eat as much food, which is good for the budget.

Full Moon

Want to see a whole movie full of badass women riding pow? There is such a movie. Starring all of the best female snowboarders of my generation. This means: Annie Boulanger, Robin Van Gyn, Hana Beaman, Jamie Anderson, Leanne Pelosi, Marie-­France Roy, and Helen Schettini.

The ladies head out in helicopters, on snowmobiles and hit pillows, drop cliffs and ride big mountains. What makes the movie so good is it tells the story of women who have inspired these awesome ladies to become the snowboarders they are now. In the end the past and the present go and shred together.

The music is amazing and the shots are beautiful. I hope more movies like this will appear in the future or maybe a combination of Full Moon & the Fourth Face.

Call it the Full Fourth.

I should probably copyright this title.


Everytime I watch this movie it’s with a tear in the corner of my eye. The movie tells a story about a magical place called Valhalla, in British Colombia, Canada. This magical place is inhabited by a group of hippies, who ski and snowboard naked and eat only herring.

Sometimes, I get a bit tired of seeing dudes hitting jumps over and over again, tweaking out on energy drinks. This movie has a bit of a balance with a beautiful story about dudes hitting jumps.

I always have to think back of my time in BC when I see Valhalla, hence the tear.

At the end of the movie they do a summer session in the forest. I wonder how they did this part of the movie, with no snow whatsoever. It’s amazing.

Find this movie on Itunes.

The Little Things

Snowboarding is bad for the environment, or is it? Marie-France Roy, professional snowboarder, made a movie about that. Together with scientist David Suzuki, Jeremy Jones and a whole lotta other awesome people, they talk about how they are saving the planet by snowboarding.

It stars a cob house, a bus driving on plant oil and a guy living in a camper van.

Confused by this concept? You should be. This is why you should watch it.

Another example of a feel-good-and-see-some-rad-riding type of snowboard movie.

The Fourth Phase

Obviously I can’t do a post on snowboard movies without Travis. If you don’t know who Travis Rice is, that’s okay, he’s not really that good of a snowboarder.

This movie is about a bunch of sexy guys, drinking lots of Red Bull, hitting jumps, riding volcanoes and getting all philosophical about hydrology. Most of the gentlemen starring in this film, could have died making this movie. They’re all still alive though, thank goodness.


You jump into a helicopter and are taken to the most beautiful places on the planet. The happy snowboard crew travel to all THE countries. Japan, Russia and far beyond. Sometimes they are waiting for days in a cabin. Actually, there’s a lot of waiting in this movie.

Which is the best part because that’s when you see more of the different personalities behind all of the goggles and face masks.

Just humans with their own worries and thoughts. It’s a very manly movie about love and about the dangers we face, riding big mountains.

Into the Mind

Into the mind is a spiritual journey. A journey of the soul with lots of dramatic music in the background. It’s a ski and snowboard combined movie. Lot’s of big mountains, street skiing and even a halfpipe. The shots in this movie are stunning. It’s also the one movie that inspired me to get into snowboard mountaineering.

If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically walking up a mountain for eight hours to then snowboard down for half an hour.

Chinese Downhill

I would like to end this list with a bit of a quirky one. This video clip is from the movie Hot Dog (1984). It’s got lots of eighties flair. There are some incredible crashes in this movie absolutely not done by stunt doubles. It’s basically Mario Cart on skis.

The best example of mountain culture in my opinion.

Here you go, that’s my list and I am sure it will keep sweet until you hit the slopes.

Get inspired and get out there!

I will be joining you shortly.

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