Getting food from the beach & garden

Foraging Mussels

“When hungry, eat! When sleepy, sleep!” – Wisdom by my Mom, Fely Pujalte


New Zealand is known for its pristine nature. It deserves this title. Thanks to the lack of people compared to most western countries it has less pollution and generally more space per individual.

What does that mean?

It means more gardens and people eat the fish they catch in rivers. Mercury and other metal pollution is nonexistent in most of the South Island rivers because of the lack of industry. The only source of it are the dairy farms meaning you might find some effluents of cow poo in the rivers.  Which is not that bad for people compared to metal fish.

I live 15 km from the beach. On days that I can fit the low tide with my busy schedule of being an unemployed snowboard instructor, I like to pick mussels from the rocks. It gives a bit more of a purpose to my ‘I don’t know what I am doing with my life’ beach walks. The mussels are a healthy snack in the afternoon when I usually scrunch on muffins and tea.

Food has always been important to me. I like to eat and I like deliciousness. It is impossible to artificially create the flavor richness of an apple picked fresh or that crispy home grown salad. We have an abundance of cherry tomatoes in our garden during summer and they are REALLY… GOOD…

There is a common misconception that gardens are so much work. Truth is, I don’t spend that much time in the garden. Just a weeding and planting session of 2-3 hours and she is sweet for a month. I add a retouching session once an a while of 15 minutes when our two cats pillage it.

We have some beekeeper friends who keep beehives on our property so we have an unlimited supply of raw honey. Priceless! Another friend supplies us with organic beef. And another brings these beautiful feijoa’s, my favorite New Zealand fruit.

People do not always have the luxury these days like I do to have the time for food foraging. Busy schedules often take time away from things that require time and travel. I can take time off to do the things I love. Time is so expensive these days since nobody seems to have any of it.

It doesn’t mean that I am not busy though. I wake up at 6.40 am to start my day and work through books and photo shoots in the morning. Then go for an hour jog before lunch. And end up writing most of the afternoon or other projects.

Staying healthy is one of those projects, which is a successful one but never ending.

I recently got into baking ‘Clean’ cakes. Dairy free and gluten free, which made me work with some unconventional flours and thickeners. Buckwheat and rice flour, never baked with those so a new challenge.

Alternative baking is good for my knowledge and great to get out of my comfort zone.

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