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Nikon 1 J2

Photography is still an unexplored subject for me. I have been snapshotting since I was little, but not with fancy cameras. Usually just a point and shoot or disposable camera.
With the idea to write a blog and snap some of my ideas, I knew I had to invest in some better gear.
Traveling with me this winter is this Nikon 1 J2. I found this beauty in the duty free at Brisbane airport.

When I first bought it, I had no idea about shutter speed, exposure and neither did I own a tripod.
That has now changed and with a lot of practice, my pictures will better every day.
What I really like about it is that it is so easy to use. In auto mode it makes great pictures. You don’t have to fuss around when you’re in a hurry to make that perfect picture. The options are simple and with my limited knowledge about cameras, it is a great tool to learn before I upgrade. Just compact enough for traveling light and an interchangeable lens.

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Hi, my name is Jo. I am a Snowboard Instructor based in New Zealand. For the past 6 years I have been traveling the globe searching for snow. Last winter, while I was instructing in South Korea, I was inspired to create this blog:
The main goal for this blog is to inspire women to get down with their bad self. To be tougher, sexier and ready to kick some butt. Because the world needs more wild women.

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