Health & Wellness

Seoraksan National Park

In this post, me and my friends head out to Seoraksan National Park, South Korea. We started our trip from Wonju, a city two hours west of Seoul and stayed a night in Sokcho. We didn’t go snowboard this time. Instead we saw beautiful cliff tops and pizza restaurants disguised as Buddhist temples. […]

Socks for Snowboard instructors


Socks are important if you want to become the best snowboarder on the mountain. A happy foot, is a foot you’re generally not aware of. This means you don’t want them to get cold or hurt. Buy good socks, your feet will love you for it. […]


Winter Season 2017-18

If you are looking to buy new snowboard gear this winter, here’s my personal review of the brands I love and will be taking with me to Korea. Be inspired, spend those dollars and feel like a rockstar this season! […]

Hiking and Cultural

Dangers of the Outdoors

In this post I will point out some of the biggest dangers you can face in the wild. Most of these hazards are manageable though, if you know what to do. It’s important to be well informed as to prevent certain death by stupidity. […]